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Learn About the Inca Empire at Qorikancha temple

Koricancha, (Quechua language, gold enclosure) It was the main Inca temple in Cuzco City, the Temple of Inti (the supreme god-the sun), it is a masterpiece of the Inca architecture, built-in blocks of carved granite and smelted gold in the junctures of the blocks.

From Cusco
Online Experience
1 Hour 30 Minutes
Upto 8 people
English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
  • Real-time experience streamed live from Cusco City, Peru
  • Explore the Room of Stars, Moon and Milky Way inside the Qorikancha Temple
  • Visit the Royal Garden of the Incas
  • Learn about the architectural prowess of this ancient civilisation

The Qorikancha Temple ("gold enclosure" in the Qechua language) is the main Inca temple in Cusco City, once used in worship of the Sun god or Inti. It is a masterpiece of Inca architecture, with built-in blocks of carved granite and smelted gold in the junctures between the stone blocks. Inside the temple, there once existed a garden in which trees, birds, and animals were represented in gold.

This Online Experience will allow you to witness this magnificent structure in real-time and get to know more about the Inca civilisation and its various achievements that were obscured by history. We will start our tour from the main gate of the Temple. Once inside, I will show you the room of Stars, Moon, and Milky Way with its rich paintings. As we look around, we will talk about Inca astronomy and the logic behind using stones to tell the sun's direction. I will also tell you about the unique architectural techniques that were put to use in the constructions from pre-Inca times until the arrival of the Spanish. 

The Spanish built a church and Dominican convent on top of the original structure of the temple around the year 1534. These collapsed during the earthquake of 1650, and were rebuilt around 1681. The convent possesses an art gallery of valuable seventeenth and eighteenth-century canvasses that we will also admire. Finally, we will come out and see what the Royal Garden of the Incas looks like in the present day. This is where we will end our tour and say our goodbyes. 

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Meet your Host
William Ramos

I am passionate about history, traditions, archaeology and gastronomy tastings. I have been a tour guide for more than 8 years and I love my job. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and making sure that my guests get to see the highlights of each place, this ensures that you will get to maximize your time and enjoy to the fullest everywhere we go. I want to be sure my guests have the very best experience possible, helping them discover the special places that only a local guide would know about. 

I have specialized in guided walking tours to Machu Picchu and am a certified in Cusco-Peru offering adventure, classic tour, families tour and couple tours.

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